Business Opportunity With Ownership Mortgage

Texas Realtors and Texas Premier Realty Agents,  I want to introduce to you an exciting income opportunity whereby you can share a portion of the net income with Ownership Mortgage.  You are already doing the work and not being paid.  Here is a unique RESPA compliant legal way agents can be paid for being an owner in Ownership Mortgage.  The amount you may be paid is about $200.00 for every $100,000.00 of the loan.       Let’s say you show this program to another agent, and they participate now that agent will be compensated in the same fashion.  However, you as an existing member who brought in a new partner to OM will be paid about $100.00 for every $100,000.00 in loan value. This is for every loan your agent friend brings in.  This is a rough estimate depending on the specific cost of the loan. Understand the payout varies and there is no guarantee of the income to be paid there are cost and expenses that raise and fall depending on the loan and a few other variables.  


 Watch the following video it will explain the RESPA compliance and details. This company has been in business for over 4 years is licensed and working in 10 different states and has about 25 real estate brokerages working with them. This does bring credibility to the table. 


Meet the company officers,  meet one San Antonio Broker with 18 Agents who is an owner.  Broker in Dallas, Agent in Minnesota giving a short testimonial about the company.  Fill in your information for a 1 on 1 15-minute presentation about the opportunity and the company.  If you have questions email Paul Mooney,   his email is   


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Stefen Brooks Ownership Mortgage. 

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