KV CORE Updates

Hello Texas Premier Realty Agents   We have a new KV Core Administrator his name is David Beere.           David has programing experience with KV Core and is willing to Help.    There will be new up dates this week.   4-18-2022  Please watch the following video's as David explains the subject and shows details of KV Core and how Agents are to set up and use this high end technology in your business. 

David Allen Beere   david.a.beere@gmail.com     210-889-3283


Video 1  Set up Your Profile     https://youtu.be/EBIm3kLMaV8

Video 2  Upload your contacts   https://youtu.be/QPn4gER-hJU

Video 3  How to set up a home search for buyer clients.    https://youtu.be/ZSslHGI25bo   

 Video 4   How to use the CRM   https://youtu.be/1AVCQvDPE5Y    

 Video 5   Smart campaigns. Landing pages         https://youtu.be/2-dUZn6m3V8

Video 6 & 7  Marketing Playbooks, Property Boost, Facebook , Craigslist   https://youtu.be/B-R2SOsEeAA